Pre School Committee


Meet the Committee 

Emily Castiaux – Chair

Nicola Barnard – Treasurer

Katie Short  – Secretary

Cranmer Pre School Committee – Constitution Cranmer Pre-school Constitution 2019

Cranmer Pre School Trustee Code of Conduct Cranmer Pre-school Trustee Code of Conduct 2019

Cranmer Pre School Trustee Welcome Guide Cranmer Pre-school Trustee Welcome Guide 2019




Committee Policies Documents


1_1_Childrens_rights_and_entitlements_Updated_October_2013 (1)

1.2.Safeguarding_children_young_people_and_vulnerable_adults_Apr_2018 (3)

2.4 Employment Whistle blowing




46 Use of Mobile Phones and Cameras

4.36 Confidentiality

Cranmer Pre-school Trustee Code of Conduct


We welcome new members onto the Committee and are active in fundraising to improve the facilities for children at Pre School. Please see a member of the Committee or enquire at Pre School if you would like to find out more!