Nut Free Pre School

Cranmer Pre School is a NUT FREE ZONE

Cranmer Pre School Nut-Free Policy

October 2021

Although we recognise that this cannot be guaranteed Cranmer Pre School aims to be a Nut-Free Pre School.

This policy serves to set out all measures to reduce the risk to those children and adults who may suffer an anaphylactic reaction if exposed to nuts to which they are sensitive. The Pre School aims to protect children and Adults who have allergies to nuts.

We do not allow nuts or nut products in school lunch boxes

Our “Nut-Free Policy” means that the following items should not be brought into Pre School

Packs of nuts

Peanut butter sandwiches

Fruit and cereal bars that contain nuts

Chocolate bars or sweets that contain nuts

Sesame seed rolls (children allergic to nuts may also have a severe reaction to sesame)

Cakes made with nuts

We have a policy to not use nuts in any of our food prepared on site at Pre School. However, we cannot guarantee freedom from nut traces.


Definition Anaphylaxis (also known as anaphylactic shock) is an allergic condition that can be severe and potentially fatal. Anaphylaxis is your body’s immune system reacting badly to a substance (an allergen), such as food, which it wrongly perceives as a threat. The whole body can be affected, usually within minutes of contact with an allergen, although sometimes the reaction can happen hours later.